[Wine] IE6 on wine

Linda de Boer ldb at swmbo.ca
Mon Apr 10 09:30:23 CDT 2006

Markus Winhard wrote:
> Hi Linda,
> I used WineTools to install IE6SP1, MDAC, MS truetype core fonts and so 
> on. Ask google and use the first link it shows.

I was trying to use the WineTools for installing IE6, but it kept 
failing when it tried to download. As far as I could tell I had all 
connectivity correct. I did also notice that I can't start up "wt2" 
which is apparently part of winetools. I was trying to find an older 
version than the one I'm using "1.30" in case that was a problem.

I did install IE6 this morning with wine-config-sidenet, but I 
understand winetools is considered better. However, the sidenet did 
download the package with no problems, any idea as to why the difference?


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