[Wine] ODBC and Mysql

Linda de Boer ldb at swmbo.ca
Tue Apr 11 11:22:41 CDT 2006


Just for the record, I have wine and foxpro working fine with one small 

I have followed the instructions from " Configuring ODBC on unix" 
and understand from the docs that this is all wine needs.

I have a DSN called "tuna" to a MySql database called "dolphin" which I 
can use isql to connect to no problem. However, when I use the ODBC Data 
Sources in the Control Center of "wt", I get a "Specified SQL server not 

I originally used:  LIB_ODBC_DRIVER_MANAGER=/usr/lib/libodbc.so.1.0.0 
with the symlink indicated.

I have since tried 
LIB_ODBC_DRIVER_MANAGER=/usr/lib/lib/libmyodbc-2.50.39.so with a symlink 
of "libmyodbc.so".

I have set WINDEBUG=+odbc32 but haven't seen much more on the screen, 
unless I'm doing that wrong.

Nothing I've read thus far indicates that I have to install a Windows 
version of MYSQL drivers. I have read some conflicing info on which 
drivers I need for Wine as well. So before I bash my head too much 
longer or make changes in the wrong direction, any direction as to where 
I should go from here is greatly appreciated. It's got to be horribly 
simple, too much else is working fine.



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