[Wine] problem with "enter-key"

Marc Krämer mokraemer.uni-kl at gmx.de
Wed Apr 12 10:27:55 CDT 2006

I've got a few applications running under wine. But there is one named  
Telelogic Tau, where I've got a major problem:
If I press the enter-key in one of the text-fields, it is not recognized.  
If I open a new document, I can see the application receives an input,  
cause the state changes from "unchanged" to "changed", but no input  
(linefeed) is present.
I tried to solve this by using WINEDEBUG=warn+all , but there is no output  
if I press enter.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions what can I try to change this.
btw. if I have a linefeed in any other (linux) application and copy this  
to the clipboard, I can insert it into the editor - but this solution is  
really annoying.

thx for any comments!

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