[Wine] A IE6 question....

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Thu Apr 13 00:42:13 CDT 2006

--- nando <nando_f at nothingsimple.com> wrote:

> I appreciate your help as I begin to understand Wine.
> I tried installing a program from CD.
What program? Did you check the app database at http://appdb.winehq.org/ to see if
there is a solution to getting your program to run. 

Wait a minute the subject of this thread is IE6. So that is the program your trying
to install? There are several ways of successfully installing IE6.

> InstallShield runs (which is really cool to see it working in Linux!!:)
> ..but it bombs out fairly soon.
> The message is that some components cannot be found.
> Now, I'm lost.
> The question is, do I need to install WIN 98 completely ??
No way. And its best you do not copy all the dlls to your
.wine/drive_c\windows\system folder.


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