[Wine] Bad EXE format for

Toby tobia.conforto at linux.it
Fri Apr 14 15:45:04 CDT 2006

Francesco Pietra wrote:
> I do not understand the scope of installing software on wine for which
> there is better linux-native substitute; please give a reason to spend
> so much effort about.

Believe me, I use Galeon and Vim for all my needs!

But I need MS Access (from Office 2000) to run an existing database
application.  Access itself needs IE6 to run, so there you go.

Now that I have IE6 installed, I'm also going to use it to test a web
application I'm working on, as it's still the most used browser.

Now if anybody has any clue how to solve the "Bad EXE format for"...


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