[Wine] What's in a name? - Darwine

Alex Eagar alexeagar at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 03:54:00 CDT 2006

I recently tried to submit application feedback for the Darwin port  
of Wine. My feedback was rejected because Darwine is not Wine. But is  
this really the case? If this port of Wine to Darwin was simply  
called The Darwin Port of Wine, would it have been rejected? I don't  
think it would have been. Just because the Darwin developers have  
made a clever alias for this particular port, it is now rejected as  
not being Wine. All Darwine is, is Wine ported to Darwin.

Darwine has some major patches to it that have not been added to Wine  
CVS. This should not be a reason to reject Darwine as a standard Wine  
port. A port of Wine to Darwin and Mac OS X will benefit both Mac  
users and Wine development. But such a port will require major  
patches to Wine. The question is, should these patches be added to  
Wine CVS while the Darwin port of Wine is unstable or stable? Because  
Wine has already gone beta, it would be unwise to add these major  
patches while the Darwin port is unstable. But eventually they will  
have to be added either by the Darwine developers or by someone else.  
Although it is not ready to have its patches added to Wine CVS, it  
should still be thought of as a standard port of Wine.

Because Darwine is nothing more than another port of Wine. I request  
that the Darwine i386 build be added to the Wine Binary Downloads  
page with a disclaimer that it is in early development. This will  
encourage more downloads and more development of both Wine and this  
particular port of Wine.

The Darwin and Mac OS X port of Wine

Respectfully Yours,
Alex Eagar
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