[Wine] Re: scanners

Francesco Pietra frapietra at alice.it
Mon Apr 17 00:34:03 CDT 2006

This seems to change the position made by john (drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com) 
that drivers are precluded to wine. In fact, why should be so?
thank you
francesco pietra

On Monday 17 April 2006 01:27, Molle Bestefich wrote:
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > i never attemped to run drivers on wine; is that possible at all?
> I think someone made USB scanner / imaging drivers for Windows run
> under Wine recently.
> The approach assumed (AFAICR) that the driver worked in a specific
> way, however all Windows drivers seemed to do so at the time.
> I may be incorrect, but I think it's true...
> I'd search the wine-devel archives if I were you (and USB applies)...

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