[Wine] Re: Bad EXE format for

Toby tobia.conforto at linux.it
Sat Apr 22 03:16:52 CDT 2006

> Office 2000 installs, but when I try to run the program it says:
> warn:module:load_dll Failed to load module L"D:\\.wine\\drive_c\\Program
> Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office\\MSACCESS.EXE"; status=c0000020
> wine: could not load L"D:\\.wine\\drive_c\\Program Files\\Microsoft
> Office\\Office\\MSACCESS.EXE": Bad EXE format for

I've found a workaround: installing an English version of Office.
The Italian version I was trying to install always triggers the 
"Bad EXE format for" error, no matter what I do.

Moreover, both installs (IT and EN) fail on my default locale
it_IT.UTF-8.  I had to export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 to avoid the following
error, that would make the installation fail:

fixme:shell:_SHGetDefaultValue ... LoadString failed, missing translation?


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