[Wine] .NET problems

David Shaw djshaw at classicfm.net
Sat Apr 22 08:00:24 CDT 2006

A friend of mine has aske me to put this question up here.  He is trying 
to install A program called Tablesmith (www.mythosa.net, if you're 
interested) - a utility for role-players.  His problem, in his own words, is

"I'm doing a Linux install. The only problem I have is that the 
initializer is asking for .NET v2.0.50727 while the .NET I was able to 
download is 2.0. Is there a link or a package that includes the updates? 
Or can the initializer be patched to look for 2.0?"

Apparently, Tablesmith installs OK, but when trying to run it, my friend 
gets a little warning box which disappears when he clicks OK.

Any help or ideas very gratefully received.

David Shaw

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