[Wine] Re: help me with wine and checkpoint FWgui

Kari Hurtta hurtta+wine at leija.mh.fmi.fi
Sun Apr 23 10:49:55 CDT 2006

> Kari Hurtta wrote:
> > It acts partially as kernel level driver so it is completely
> > different thing.
> Ah, right.
> > I was talking  about Check Point management interface.
> > As far I know, it is just user level application.
> Judging from the screenshot in the posting you refer to
> ("Error installing iKernel.exe"), it has some system-level hooks too.
> Just guessing, I don't know, really.

Hmm. Probably, but that do not prove it.

Anyway. VPN includes two part. System level service or something like
that was running when system is booted. And according of documentation
it install kernel level driver for every network interface.

Second part of VPN is user mode GUI interface. But VPN itself is
independent of that user level GUI. 

I have also used X version of that Check Point management interface
some years ago. It was available for Sun/Solaris (not for Linux).
It was so called Motif client. 

/ Kari Hurtta

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