[Wine] Re: Sum-up: Re-proposal: web forums

Philippe A. futhark77 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 16:19:32 CDT 2006

> >Newsgroups might be too technical to engage in for newcomers,
> >especially if they're already *very* busy trying to make this new
> >software they've downloaded (Wine) work and everything's failing right
> >and left around their ears with odd 'FontForge' messages,
> >seh_exception overflows and what not.
> >
> >> Costs (worse first in my own opinion):
> >> - Convince existing users to configure their newsreader.
> >
> >I think the above point is enough to be a showstopper for the
> >newsgroup approach.
> >
> Well, you may think that, but really, it's not. They had to configure
> their mail client for email, and since most (if not all) mail clients
> still used double as a news reader, it shouldn't be too much of a
> hassle... [...]

Segin is right saying it's not much harder to configure a newsgroup than it
is to configure regular mail.

When I started using the net in 1998 or so, I really didn't like newsgroups.
I stayed away from them for a very long time, until I came across Google
Groups. Google taps so well into newsgroups that now I think all mailing
lists of the world should be turned into a newsgroup :-)

(Note I keep advocating this suggestion because I'm quite convinced of its
advantage but I'm not making that personal a personal matter at all.)
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