[Wine] Re: Re: Re-proposal: web forums

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Mon Apr 24 02:48:51 CDT 2006

Le dimanche 23 avril 2006 à 12:41 -0500, Tom Spear (Dustin Booker,
Dustin Navea) a écrit :

> But I still want to get certain threads delivered to my mailbox, so I 
> suffer thru all the ones I don't read.  Where if I subscribe to a forum 
> thread, then I get all posts to that thread in my mailbox (how i like 
> it) and can click a link in the email that takes me directly to that 
> thread (like bugzilla does for its bugs) so I can post.

What about using your mail client and its ability to access nntp
mailing-lists ?

I'm subscribed to many mailing lists but none are configured to send me
a copy of the messages to my mailbox; I just access them like normal
(separate) mailbox, I can see them threaded or not, search and filter
messages, etc. It's faster and more convenient than using a web forum.


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