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Dave R dave.revell at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 14:31:52 CDT 2006

Hello list,

If there are any professional consultants reading this list, I would be able
to to get my company to pay for a solution to this problem.

Im having a problem that has been stupefying me for two weeks now:

I have a VB 6 application that opens documents externally for editing. From
within the program, you choose a type such as 'Text Document' or 'OpenOffice
1.1 Text Document' (which come from the registry, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT). This
type is used to determine the program which will be used for editing.

When the calling program tries to open the editing program, the calling
program always crashes with run time error 31027 / H8004000A, which
translates to VB error "Not able to bind to the source".

When I do WINEDEBUG +reg to look at registry access, the keys being accessed
have to do with (I think) looking up the application associated with the
given type, then that associated program is opened and is expected to act as
some type of server. (Very fuzzy about that part)

Unfortunately I have to run with WINEDLLOVERRIDES=ole32,oleaut32,rpcrt4=n to
get the app to run at all, so I can't look at WINEDEBUG=ole32 . Can anyone
give a suggestion how to proceed?

I have tried installing a variety of word processors inside of Wine
including OpenOffice 1.1 and  2.0, and Abiword, in hopes that a different
word processor would be able to successfully communicate with my VB app. But
that does not help, the same error still occurs.

Any links, RTFM links included, or other info, are welcome.

Thanks for reading,
dave.revell |at| gmail.com
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