[Wine] Re: Internet Explorer Installation

Derek McGowan dmcgowan at deniment.on.ca
Tue Apr 25 22:04:30 CDT 2006

Ok, I know this is going to be a stupid question, but by native version of 
inseng.dll do you mean native to Windows?

Also, I did the big bad and used Winetools (Read: Newbie), and am seeing why 
it may not have been the brightest thing I've ever done.

   I've done uninstalls of winetools and wine (using rpm -e) and re-installed 
wine 0.9.12 on Suse 10.0, I've looked several places, but I cannot find 
anywhere that gives instructions on how to get Wine up and running as stable 
as possible...i.e. with Internet Explorer 6.1 sp1 installed, because lots of 
windows programs requires some portion of it, and all of the little windows 
items that need to be installed to provide a reasonable environment for the 
windows apps to run.

   If anyone knows of where I can find such instructions, please let me know.  
If no such instructions exist in one place, I'll volunteer to gather them 
together and create a step by step install process, I'll just need some 

Derek McGowan

On Tuesday 25 April 2006 18:39, truiken at gmail.com wrote:

> Stephen Bauman wrote:
> > I'm trying to install MS IE 6 SP1. I'm using Fedora Core 5 and the Wine
> > that comes with wine.0.9.11-1.fc5.rpm from the distribution.
> >
> > "Setup was unable to download the required components. Please make sure
> > you are connected to the Internet or try to run Setup again later."
> >
> > I'm definitely connected. Are there any settings that are required for
> > Wine, that I should set manually?
> To install IE6 with the latest wine, you have to copy a native
> inseng.dll to .wine/drive_c/windows/system32, then run ie6setup.exe
> with native advpack like so:
> WINEDLLOVERRIDES=advpack=n wine ie6setup.exe
> Wine's advpack is being implemented, and the setup should work without
> native advpack by the next release (hopefully.)
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> James Hawkins
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