[Wine] Re: IE stopped working after update

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Wed Apr 26 02:16:11 CDT 2006

Le mardi 25 avril 2006 à 23:42 +0000, Daniel Skorka a écrit :
> > Im using wine 0.9.12 upgraded from 0.9.11.
> > I was told that IE wont work with the newer version of WINE.
> In that case your only solution may be to donwgrade to 0.9.11 and use
> that until 0.9.13 or so fixes IE again. BTW, who said this, and why did
> he
> say that was?

I this the who is me. And IE installed using winetools/ies4linux/etc.
won't work anymore as the are using the bad *=native,builtin registry
settings and current Wine just ignore it. They have to fix their scripts
to specify each dll that has to be overriden.
> > So I installed ies4linux but that did nothing at all.
> If the above statement by "somebody" is true, ies4linux can do nothing
> about it.

ies4linux 2 beta does just what I said above (doesn't use
*=native,builtin anymore) and it works.

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