[Wine] MIDI tools in latest wine, success and ...

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Apr 26 07:38:17 CDT 2006

Latest and greatest Jammer Pro6 works in latest wine from Debian Sid. No more 
phantom subclassed buttons! Fantastic.

1. MIDI timing seems unsteady.
2. Button on a pop-up dialog that would repaint and replay the MIDI on the 
main view does not work. See below.

Ntonyx Style Enhancer 4 will also install and play in wine!

1. NONE of the icons display--just gray boxes. (Their desktop link icon 
sometimes does not display under Win98, sometimes it does. I do not know what 
they are doing different than anyone else here.)
2. Button on a pop-up dialog that would repaint the main view and alter MIDI 
play if be playing  hangs up.

I suspect threading problems in the Wine emulation for both dialog-main 
problems but not sure. Threading problems may also be effecting MIDI play 

NOTE: ALL such programs need be run emulating NT,W2K or XP. Wine does NOT 
support thunking.

Question: The new setup dialog (run wine with no argument an click configure) 
apparently is not using the ~/.wine/config file. What does it use? I note 
provision for more than one sound "driver" in that dialog--right now I only 
have OSS (what I chose in ~/.wine/config because others did not work). So:

Are all the sound libraries on winelib as they were or do I need to download 
separate alsa and jack, etc, packages to activate these options? (Using jack 
might solve the timing issues.)

Question: Dx8 (or other) is required by some programs and their installation 
does not find it. How do I get past this test and let wine do the rest?

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