[Wine] MIDI tools in latest wine, success and ...

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Wed Apr 26 08:23:13 CDT 2006

David Baron wrote:
> Question: The new setup dialog (run wine with no argument an click configure) 
> apparently is not using the ~/.wine/config file. What does it use? I note 
> provision for more than one sound "driver" in that dialog--right now I only 
> have OSS (what I chose in ~/.wine/config because others did not work). So:

use winecfg for configuration

> Are all the sound libraries on winelib as they were or do I need to download 
> separate alsa and jack, etc, packages to activate these options? (Using jack 
> might solve the timing issues.)

debian splits audio support into several different packages; or at least 
that is what it used to do; you can also choose to download packages 
directly from winehq.org, those are updated more frequently then the 
debian packages

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