[Wine] Memory Use

Francesco Pietra frapietra at alice.it
Wed Apr 26 11:20:10 CDT 2006

I just upgraded wine and libwine from 0.9.11-1 to 0.9.12 (synaptic on debian 
testing 32), which also requested (and acknowledged) ActiveX browser object 
for Mozilla on the Windows partition). Windows programs run as fast as before 
and it proved impossible to get crash (whereas when run on Window 2000Pro 
crash was frequent, and running was not faster).


On Wednesday 26 April 2006 17:53, CWO4 Dave Mann wrote:
> I've noticed since d/l and installing latest WINE that when I fire up an
> application requiring WINE, the "wine-preloader" jumps to 1.7 Gigs in
> VmSize.  I have a 2.0 GB RAM system but this action by the pre-loader slows
> everything down to a low crawl.
> My system is an Anthlon 750 Mhz running FC3
> Dave
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