[Wine] Re: Internet Explorer Installation

kicking k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 27 03:43:21 CDT 2006

personally I think there is good purpose for winetools
but as wine keeps evolving it needs to be maintained and updated which
is difficult with limited resources.

If your only interested in IE then you should update the doco in the
app db at winehq
if your interests are wider and your willing to volunteer time then
your efforts may be better directed to helping the winetools effort.

Creating another set of instructions is just making yet another
resource for newbie's to have to refer to which has to be continually

One of the issues (for newbies) with wine is the information and any of
the tools built around it need to be constantly maintained or updated
as wine evolves to be of practical use. A new user (as apposed to
developer) just wants to install their software easily, they do not
want to have to refer to multiple encyclopedia's and wonder how up
todate or accurate the information is.

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