[Wine] RE: jack

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu Apr 27 08:38:10 CDT 2006

>Installing alsa and jack libraries places devices for these in the winecfg 
>menus. If I choose jack, what I would expect is that the wine instance would 
>init jack clients for audio in and out and midi in and out (not really jack 
>but jack can connect these as well). The jack out clients might be connected 
>to the default alsa device, etc. This is normal for jack aware applications.

>I do not see any such "clients" when wine starts.

Attempting to run Cakewalk Home Studio (copied windows installation since I 
could not do a local install over the dx8 problem).

Readable clients/output port alsa-pcm gets connectd to wine-jack-in. Two 
stereo capture ports-now connected to four (count em) wine_jack_ins! Might 
want to restrict this since the programs being wined will not support this 
many anyway! Probably will veerrrrrry slowwwwly connect up 8 of them.

Then I am still waiting for output clients to be connected up :-(.

No such action on MIDI stuff (try muse or such and see how these are set up 
and connect as well).

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