[Wine] jack

Segin segin2005 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:58:43 CDT 2006

David Baron wrote:
> Installing alsa and jack libraries places devices for these in the winecfg 
> menus. If I choose jack, what I would expect is that the wine instance would 
> init jack clients for audio in and out and midi in and out (not really jack 
> but jack can connect these as well). The jack out clients might be connected 
> to the default alsa device, etc. This is normal for jack aware applications.
> I do not see any such "clients" when wine starts.
Well, what do you mean as in "see" these clients? Do you mean as in 
processes listed in top/ps? And if so, what name do you expect them to 
be? If you are looking for, ohh, jackdsp, you won't find it. Assuming 
JACK follows esound and aRts in naming, that would be a OSS 
compatability wrapper.  Wine uses JACK directly, and so the Wine 
processes themselves would be clients.

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