[Wine] Re: problem installing DesignCAD 3D Max 14.1 under wine

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Thu Apr 27 14:05:57 CDT 2006

R. Steven Rainwater <steve at ncc.com> wrote:
> I've found what appears to be the problem. The glXChooseFBConfig API 
> requires GLX v1.3 but if I query GLX using the glXQueryVersion function, 
> it returns 1.2.  According to the OpenGL reference manual, "This 
> subroutine requires GLX 1.3 support on both the GLX system on the client 
> and on the specified screen on the X server."

Uh, yeah. I could have told this had I known you were working on it...

> The glxQueryVersion function returns 1.2 as well, so the problem appears 
> to be the server version. I'm not certain what that means as far as 
> which piece of software I need to look at on my Fedora Core 5 box.
> I'm using an NVidia card, so the driver is nv. There is no 3D 

nv is the free driver?

> time, so I assume GLX is not part of the driver itself. There's 

GLX is an extension to the X server, part of which (I think) requires
support in the driver. Oh, the driver also needs to be able to use your
cards hardware.

> presumably some OpenGL software emulation being used. I did a search on 

If you don't have hardware acceleration, mesa software rendering will be
used. Before you start looking, mesa is a part of XFree86/Xorg

> opengl.c code queried the GLX API and reported an error if it was not 
> v1.3 or higher. I can submit a patch to do that if it's appropriate.

Actually, it's even more complex. For some reason, some drivers support 
GLXChooseFBConfig, although they claim to be GLX v1.2. This has led to
GLXChooseFBConfig being used indiscriminately. And while you can check
whether a specific function is supported, a patch for just that won't
do it. You still need to provide an alternative code path for selecting
a matching visual.


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