[Wine] Re: problem installing DesignCAD 3D Max 14.1 under wine

R. Steven Rainwater steve at ncc.com
Thu Apr 27 14:59:20 CDT 2006

Daniel Skorka wrote:
> R. Steven Rainwater <steve at ncc.com> wrote:
>>The glXChooseFBConfig API requires GLX v1.3 ...
> Uh, yeah. I could have told this had I known you were working on it...

I'm working on it. :-)  That's okay, what I learned about Wine in the 
process was probably worth it.  I get a little obsessed with things like 
this.  I'd really like to get this CAD program working and it looks like 
the only way it's going to happen is if I find the problem and fix it 

I've filed bug reports and posted in all the appropriate places and 
there doesn't seem to be any interest.  That's understandable as I'm 
probably the only person with this particular problem.  I appreciate 
your input by the way - you're the only person in the entire Wine 
community who replied to any of my posts!  Anyway, I'm going to keep 
poking on it until I either find a solution or get bored.

>>I'm using an NVidia card, so the driver is nv.
> nv is the free driver?

Yes and it has no 3D hardware acceleration support.

> If you don't have hardware acceleration, mesa software rendering will be
> used. Before you start looking, mesa is a part of XFree86/Xorg

I've already looked around on the Mesa website and CVS but haven't found 
any helpful clues. My question at the moment is what piece of software 
is responsible for the "server glx version string: 1.2" from the glxinfo 
report. Is the "server" in my case Mesa or nv? The "vendor string" on 
both server and client is "SGI". If I can figure out which it is, then I 
can at least post some further questions to the appropriate forum.

>>I can submit a patch to do that if it's appropriate 
> Actually, it's even more complex. For some reason, some drivers support 
> GLXChooseFBConfig, although they claim to be GLX v1.2. This has led to
> GLXChooseFBConfig being used indiscriminately.

Got it. Okay, I won't bother with the Wine patch. Looks like I need to 
focus on tracking down this v1.2 server and turning it into a v1.3 server.


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