[Wine] IE install with Wine 0.9.12 under Debian Sarge

David Dawson gobble_em_up at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 02:18:38 CDT 2006

KGJ wrote:

> Hi,
> David Dawson wrote:
>> Has anyone got any Internet Explorer to install (and then hopefully
>> run) with Wine under Debian Sarge?
>> I tried all the methods I could find and have not been able to
>> successfully do this.  I even tried wiping out the old ~/.wine dir and
>> starting fresh, but to no avail.  I would appreciate info on this.
>> Thanks
> What version of Wine are you using? The original Sarge one, one from
> http://www.backports.org/ or a self-compiled CVS one? If you use the
> Sarge version I'd recommend you to update because it is very old.
> The last time I tried it it worked with this description:
> http://blog.drinsama.de/erich/en/linux/2006040302-msie-on-linux OK most
> of it are security things and I ignored them. Points 5 and 6 are the
> important ones. In the current CVS it might be possible to install the
> IE without the DCOM98 and DLL overriding things but I can't say this for
> sure.
> Greetings KGJ
Er, the one in the subject line. That is, 0.9.12, compiled from source.
I'll  look at the URL above and see.
...Dave Dawson

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