[Wine] Wine is very slow

André Carvalho acarvalho at abordo.com.br
Fri Apr 28 15:47:19 CDT 2006

Segin wrote:

> ARMAND Morgan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to perform a installation of FF8 with wine, but the 
>> installation is very slow.
>> About 2h to perform 10% of the install. Is there any reason about 
>> that ? I've a good configuration so it's not the fault of my pc.
> First of all, if you have a Celeron, no matter how fast of a celeron 
> it is, your PC sucks. Celeron is, as stated by an ex-employee of 
> Intel, "a bunch of spare transistors thrown together to make a cheap 
> Pentium for the worthless bastards in India." (sic)
> It should be noted that the quoted comment above was referring to 
> Pentium 4-compatable Celerons, and benchmarks can back it up.
>> Second, no network connexion is available. Can I make it works ?
> Please learn better English. If you can't take the time to produce 
> decent English, then we can't be bothered to read your postings.
>> Thx for your help.
Please Segin,

don't include me in your words " we can't be bothered to read your 

I think you should leave if you had been bothered by the postings.

But first you could at least apologize.

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