[Wine] Problem with app that wants to start a new instance of it self

lennart.petersson at gmail.com lennart.petersson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 08:03:47 CDT 2006


Having a poker client that I want to be able to run under wine.

It starts up ok, all configs and getting money from my account and so
on. Problem starts when i click on a table that i want to go to... The
app then tries to open a new window with that table where i can start

But it does not work and instead there is an message saying that there
already is an instance of this app running on the machine. Exact same
message do i get if i try to start the very first poker.exe file twice.

Of course this works ok with windows. Looks like wine solves opening
the second window by starting a new instance.

My questions is then - is it possible to do some configs do get another

The app is the poker client from Svenska Spel.



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