[Wine] Re: Wine is very slow

Exeter Exeter at abz.invalid
Sat Apr 29 11:53:31 CDT 2006

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006 08:31:43 +0100, David Shaw wrote:

> If you'd care to look at the 'signature' that's been appended to your 
> message, you'll see that - for many of us, at least - this *is* a 
> mailing list  :-)

If you would care to look at the headers of the post you will see
it came from a usenet group.  Why does the mailing list feel they
can post their messages to the world in usenet?

> Besides, why should it matter where we post?  

Perhaps because the conventions of a mailing list and a usenet
group are not the same.

>Such 'attitude' as you 
> call it is totally uncalled for in *any* situation - personally, I call 
> it bad manners.  The kind of totally unprovoked abuse which we were 
> commenting on does not demonstrate either moral, technical or 
> evolutionary superiority over the rest of us mere mortals - rather, it 
> simply demonstrates superior ignorance (indeed, where I was brought up 
> in the English Midlands, such behaviour would have been described as 
> 'pig ignorant').  It is unhelpful, unproductive and totally unneccesary 
> and there is no logical reason why it should be tolerated.

Since the "unprovoked abuse" did not show up in usenet but your
whine did it tends to give a bad impression not of the abuser but
of you.
> David Shaw
>>If you don't like attitude why post in usenet?  It's not like
>>this is a mailing list.
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