[Wine] SUSE 9.1 wine 0.9.12 problem

ilija01 at gmail.com ilija01 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 14:22:36 CDT 2006

I upgraded my wine version from 0.9.5 to the newest 0.9.12
and I can't get wine to run.
when I start wine my system hangs,
an wine binary "wine-preloader" eats up all my reasources and just
I used the official 9.1 binary rpm from sourcefordge.net
and a build from the wine source but the resoult is the same
wine-preloader just hangs.
The strangest thing is that when I start wine from a console I don't
get eny feedback information the console remains blank.
eny ideas what culd be causing this and a way arround it, or doesn't
wine run on this older suse distro?

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