[Wine] Re: Wine is very slow

Kari Hurtta hurtta at attruh.keh.iki.fi
Sat Apr 29 14:22:55 CDT 2006

Exeter <Exeter at abz.invalid> writes:

> On 29 Apr 2006 21:15:42 +0300, Kari Hurtta wrote:
> > Exeter <Exeter at abz.invalid> writes:
> > 

> >> No not really.  Why does winehq feel that they can take over a 
> >> usenet group to propigate their posts?  If they want a forum let 
> > 
> > Well, as far I know comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine and wine-users mailing list
> > has been linked on past.
> > 
> > / Kari Hurtta

> Perhaps in the past at some point but the mailing list posts just
> started showing up four days ago.  That still does not answer the
> question why does a mailing list feel they should use a usenet
> group for propigation?

Chapter for comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine on call for votes
already talks that mailing list post are forwarded to newsgroup.


So as far I can found this linking was accepted when it
was voted creation of that newsgroup.

/ Kari Hurtta

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