[Wine] Re: SUSE 9.1 wine 0.9.12 problem

ilija01 at gmail.com ilija01 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 16:11:01 CDT 2006

This problem happens with all of the wine binarys includeing winecfg
I am useing the original kernel that came with the distribution,
actuely exept for wine all of my software version is the one that came
with the official suse 9.1 distribution (it's the 5 cd proffesional
OK how did I notice that wine-preloader hangs? After I run any wine
binary (I tryed all of them) noting happens, even if I start them thry
a terminal I get no feedback information in the terminal window, all I
can see in the terminal is a new line. When I start kde system guard I
noticed wine-preloader useing 80 to 90 % of the system resoarces, I
actualy let wine-preloader run for abaut an hour biffore my entire
system froze and I had to restart my pc (newer had to do that in linux
I trued starting with a fresh ~/.wine folder, and this is where I
noticed something strange I gues wine-preloader creates the dos_devices
directory with all of the supporting files, but the drive_c directory
contains no files only folders e.g. it has the "Windows" and "Program
Files " folders with all other subfolders but without eny files.

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