[Wine] Re: printing (morphing into upgrade/install)

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 17:17:23 CDT 2006

> dialog.  it has a wine glass, so i figure its from wine, not
> my_application.  thanks for the confirmation - however, i managed to
> get it working another way.

Wine tends to give messages in the console. If it's a dialog, it's
from your application (I think the wine glass replaces the generic
windows icon you see on windows).

> with libs and all from trying it and experience - am i right in that
> life will be enormously simpler with one 'wine'?

You CAN get two versions of wine working on your computer at once. I
think most developers have at least two versions at hand (stable and
cvs). Just build wine 0.9.12 (don't install), and run
/path/to/builddir/wine. It should have no problem with the libs. And
you'll want to use a new wine prefix for version 0.9.12, whether you
use it along with 20040213 or not.

Life will be simpler with one wine, but if you were going to try to
install a new wine in a different directory, I think you'll be able to
handle two.

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