[Wine] overflow error: setup_exception stack

Srivatsa Kanchi, R skanchi at nexthop.com
Wed Aug 2 05:07:27 CDT 2006


 i tried running webshots software. it installs and works fine. But,
when i select a folder for backing up photos locally i get below error:

 err:seh:setup_exception stack overflow 16 bytes in thread 000b eip
007243a4 esp 7fab0ff0 stack 0x7fab1000-0x7fbc0000

this error seems like its in the winecore rather than in any
native/built-in DLLs. is  it due configuration error or a bug in wine.
if so, i can log this in wine-bugzilla

wine version 'Wine 0.9.17'

This is my first Post to this list!!!

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