[Wine] Problem with Java 6

theUser BL theuserbl at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 5 13:45:15 CDT 2006

I think with WINE 0.9.11 is still all ok.
But since some releases there existing a additional problem, when running 
Java 6 for Windows on WINE.

If you run a Swing program, then WINE makes the complete screen black and 
lets only the Swing window part visible. Thats a buh, which before not 

And the old bug - which exists all the time - is, that if you move a Java 6 
window, then the drawing part inside, are not let in the window. It lets on 
the position of the monitore, but the window moves then under it. I hope you 
know what I mean. Something confusing.

But when Java 6 runs with WINE, it feels for me, that it runs faster then 
the Linux-Native-Version of Java 6. But thats only what it feels for me. 
Don't know if its right.


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