[Wine] Successfully Installed Sea Dogs v1 Game - Need Help with DDRAW error.

Legine legine.wine at web.de
Mon Aug 7 11:51:15 CDT 2006

please add "app-emulation/wine ~x86" (without the quoting marks) to
package.keywords. Then you can download the latest stable marked version.
In gentoo it is unstable because it was not bugfree for at least a
month. (gentoo perspective)
Alternate if you want to move on the edge, I think you can try the 9999
version. It should be the cvs ebuild. (but I could be wrong :D)
you get the 9999 version (I think) if you add the following line to
package keywords:

=app-emulation/wine-9999  -*

if it is not the cvs version you should look in gentoos bugzilla vor
wine-cvs there is an ebuild that suids your needs.
Have fun :D


Nick Law schrieb:
> Shelton D'Cruz wrote:
>> Hello All
>> I have just started dabbling into the world of WINE.  I was quite
>> excited to have one of my favourite games installed (Sea Dogs).
>> Before I tell you about the problem, let me tell you my setup.
>> I am using Gentoo Linux on x86 and my wine version is 0.9.8.  I
>> installed WINE using "emerge wine"
>> I have XOrg v7 installed.
>> My NVIDIA driver version is 8762.
>> Direct Rendering is YES.
>> OK - the problem with SeaDogs is that when I am in the game and on
>> the "world map view", whenever I encounter another ship what usually
>> happens is that a dialog box appears that asks me if I want to either
>> "engage" or "continue sailing".  As soon as this happens, the game
>> screen goes black.
>> Whilst the game is running and before this "encounter" the following
>> messages are displayed on screen:
>> err:ddraw:set_render_state Unhandled texture min 6 !
>> err:ddraw:set_render_state Unhandled texture mag 6 !    
>> <------------ long list of these
>> and at times:
>> err:ddraw:create_dib CreateDIBSection failed!
>> fixme:ddraw:Main_DirectDraw_CreateSurface failed surface creation
>> with code 0x80070057
>> In winecfg, the game is set to play under Window$98 and I only have
>> sound on and music disabled.
>> Anyone else seen this issue? 
>> Thanks for your replies.
>> Shelton.
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> I would start by using the latest version of wine 0.9.18 and see if
> that works, Direct3D has had many fixes since 0.9.8, and there is
> still more fixes before Direct3D is close to being finished.
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