[Wine] re: Native mciavi32.dll

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Aug 7 23:22:38 CDT 2006

Alexander S. wrote:

>Currently, Worms 2, and many other games that use Microsoft AVI for films,
>fail to play these because of Wine's implementation of mciavi32.dll.  If I
>try to use the native version of this file, Wine gives the following.
>wine: Call from 0x73629dd0 to unimplemented function
KERNEL32.dll.IsWow64Process, aborting
> Is this a type of function that it will make no sense to implement in Wine, or
> is a bug report appropriate?

A bug report is certainly appropriate.   Since all you need is a function
that returns 'no', it could be that just uncommenting the line
@ stub IsWow64Process
in dlls/kernel/kernel32.spec and rebuilding Wine will do what you need.
(I wouldn't know, haven't really looked.)
- Dan

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