[Wine] World of Warcraft Installation

Andreas Rönnquist andreas.ronnquist at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 12:18:41 CDT 2006

Colin Kern wrote:
> I'm trying to install World of Warcraft on Ubuntu 6.06.  I have
> followed the instructions on AppDB to build the patched version of
> Wine 0.9.18, and am now trying to install it.  I am trying to install
> from iso files on my hard drive, not CDs.  I have created a directory
> /media/fakecd, and I do "sudo mount -o loop disc1.iso /media/fakecd".
> I also used winecfg to add e: to the device list, putting
> "/media/fakecd" as the location and selecting "CD-ROM" as the type.  I
> then do 'wine "e:/Installer.exe"' and the installer runs and I can
> begin installation.  The problem is when it needs the second disc.  I
> do "sudo umount /media/fakecd" and then "sudo mount -o loop disc2.iso
> /media/fakecd" but then when I click on "ok" in the installer to
> continue the installation nothing happens.  Anyone know what's wrong?

I managed to get Wow installed (on Debian Etch though) by copying all 
the content from the CDs to harddrive - and running the install-program 
from there instead. I think you would be successful using this method on 
an Ubuntu system too. (I had the same problem installing from CD, seems 
to be this way with many program when running wine.)

andreas.ronnquist at gmail.com

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