[Wine] Star Trek Armada 2

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 16 13:42:30 CDT 2006

Hi Bojan,

--- Bojan Antonovic <bojan at antonovic.com> a écrit :

> I tried to install and play Star Trek Armada 2 (DirectX 8.0a) with Wine 
> 0.9.19. No Winetools or so were used. Just plain wine. Installation 
> worked fine. I just rejected to install DirectX 8.0a.
> Starting was without sound, but with movie sequences. Then it stopped. 
> Any suggestions what to do?

For sound, look at the report and follow the winecfg tip :

> err:wave:DSDB_MapBuffer Could not map sound device for direct access 
> (Einga
> err:wave:DSDB_MapBuffer Please run winecfg, open "Audio" page and set
> "Hardware Acceleration" to "Emulation".

Kind regards,
Sylvain Petreolle (aka Usurp)
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