[Wine] newbie tries to call windows dll function

JeeBee JeeBee at troefpunt.nl
Thu Aug 17 08:15:05 CDT 2006

Dear list,

I (running fedora core 5 linux) have a native Windows (actually do not
know which windows version) dll file, in which are functions I want to
call in my Linux program. That is why I installed wine, to see whether I
could make this work :)

I know exactly what functions are in the dll, what their prototypes are,
but I do not have the source, only the myfile.dll.

Now, what I don't understand is that they are not listed below. Only those
four Dll... functions.
I could convert myfile.dll to myfile.dll.so using winemaker;make, great :)
But it only seems to have those four functions as well.

I guess this means the functions are not exported, but the dll file does
work running in windows (does this mean it's not necessary to have such an
export table?)

Does anybody know what more I have to do?
I'm using
to try to call the functions I want in myfile.dll.so, but they cannot be

By the way, 'strings myfile.dll' does reveal all those function names I
want to call.

Thanks for any help,

$ objdump -t myfile.dll

myfile.dll:     file format efi-app-ia32

no symbols

$ winedump spec myfile.dll
Contents of "myfile.dll": 84064 bytes

4 named symbols in DLL, 4 total, 4 unique (ordinal base = 1)
Done dumping myfile.dll
Export   1 - 'DllCanUnloadNow' ... [Ignoring]
Export   2 - 'DllGetClassObject' ... [Ignoring]
Export   3 - 'DllRegisterServer' ... [Ignoring]
Export   4 - 'DllUnregisterServer' ... [Ignoring]

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