[Wine] Where is the installer?

Jack Gates jlgates at charter.net
Tue Aug 22 16:41:23 CDT 2006

This is my first attempt at using wine.

I have wine installed on FC5 the version wine-0.9.17-1.fc5.src.rpm .  
I have the winecfg, regedit, winefile, winhelp, notepad and wine 
software unistaller.  I do not see an installer.  I can't find any 
information that tells how to install a *.exe app on Linux and run it 
in wine.

<copy of the wineuser-guide>

Assuming you are using a fake Windows installation, you install 
applications into Wine in the same way you would in Windows: by 
running the installer. You can just accept the defaults for where to 
install, most installers will default to "C:\Program Files", which is 
fine. If the application installer requests it, you may find that 
Wine creates icons on your desktop and in your app menu. If that 
happens, you can start the app by clicking on them.

<end copy of the wineuser-guide>

Thanks for any help

Jack Gates http://www.morningstarcom.net

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