[Wine] Star Wars Battlefront 2: can't type the code in

Ramon Klass tier at p1atin.de
Tue Aug 22 19:22:24 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 23 August 2006 00:43, Bojan Antonovic wrote:
> On trying to install "Star Wars Battlefront 2", the installation arrived
> at the point where the code has to be typed in. Unlike an other game,
> the cursor blinks but neither a text appears nor is the code accepted.
> The problem seems to trivial for me to open a bug. And anyway I opened
> too many bug entries. :) So I ask here.
> Has any one experienced a similar problem ?
in wine's early beta stage, Steam had a similar problem. You could put text 
into the textbox by middle-clicking the textbox or by running it on a virtual 
desktop (set in winecfg). You might try both options, maybe it's the same 


Ramon Klass

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