[Wine] Re: Double-clicking Windows .exe's (was "What apps work in Wine")

Legine legine.wine at web.de
Wed Aug 23 10:12:02 CDT 2006

I found this relating Viruses and wine

Well this is a very old resource: (1999?)

If you try to run applications infected by a virus,
sometimes you get a fixme-message ending up with
"(possible Virus Infection or broken binary)!".  Up to
now this always is a sign for a real virus infection.
Newer virus checkers will normally find the virus. If
your virus checker does not report an infection, it is
out of date, not very good or you got a really new virus
not known by the virus checker.

Over a year old, but here is another nice regression testing on 5 Viruses.

Well, it is better to think they work then not. But vor now it looks like
 the damage a virus can do is rather minimal.
Rootkit are out of question and trojans, hmm well I am unsure about them.

Maybe we should see if we can collect some and do some new testing :P


David Baron schrieb:
> On Wednesday 23 August 2006 07:25, wine-users-request at winehq.org wrote:
>> you can't double click an exe, you have
>> to run it with wine, ie "wine game.exe". there is a way to make it so that
>> you can double click exe files, but that way makes your system vulnerable
>> to windows virii, so you should really stick to the standard.
> On my Debian Sid system, I CAN double click. I did not do anything I recall to 
> enable this. I assume (maybe incorrectly) that binfmt package is what enables 
> this.
> So how does one configure this correctly?
> 1. The above-mentioned virus vunerability--is this true. (RULE--never click on 
> anything in emails would apply in linux as well, even if proper 
> security/permissions would stop a virus).
> 2. Some .exe's should NOT run with WINE! .net programs should go through mono.
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