[Wine] Re: Double-clicking Windows .exe's (was "What apps work in Wine")

Ramon Klass tier at p1atin.de
Wed Aug 23 10:19:47 CDT 2006

> On my Debian Sid system, I CAN double click. I did not do anything I recall
> to enable this. I assume (maybe incorrectly) that binfmt package is what
> enables this.
Debian's own wine debs are indeed made that way. They automatically use binfmt 
to add an .exe shell handler
> So how does one configure this correctly?
> 1. The above-mentioned virus vunerability--is this true. (RULE--never click
> on anything in emails would apply in linux as well, even if proper
> security/permissions would stop a virus).
the thing is, your wine has full access to all linux files. If a virus tries 
to delete some files, it might fail for files that belong to root, but the 
least the virus can do is wipe your home directory, which is bad enough. The 
virus can't really break your system, but nonetheless it can delete important 
data. The only upside would be that you can better protect yourself by 
disallowing yourself to write on certain files.
> 2. Some .exe's should NOT run with WINE! .net programs should go through
> mono.
hence why debian's method is not really good, it sends any exe file to wine 
without even asking you first. In fact, it sends any files that look like 
exes, so even those nasty .bmp.pif virii which are actually a renamed exe 
file will work


Ramon Klass

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