[Wine] Re: Double-clicking Windows .exe's (was "What apps work in Wine")

Fabien Meghazi agr at amigrave.com
Thu Aug 24 03:11:32 CDT 2006

> to delete some files, it might fail for files that belong to root, but the
> least the virus can do is wipe your home directory, which is bad enough.

This is exactly what I was wondering :

Is it possible in wine to tell that a dosdevice symlink should be used
as a read only drive ?
I'm always afraid to use wine with unknown software. The ideal
dosdevices configuration for me would be :

c:                         the ~/.wine/c_drive   (read / write)
x: (or whathever)    /tmp   (read / write)
z: (or whathever)    the root /  (read ONLY)

In that situation I would know that using wine is 100% safe. The only
risk would be for files in ~/.wine/c_drive and this is normal. And if
I need to write somewhere from wine, I prefer manually symlink the
folder where I want to write in /tmp

Is it possible to do that ? If not I think it should be a primordial
feature for security using wine.

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