[Wine] CamFrog and Wine 0.9.19

Rick Romero rick at havokmon.com
Wed Aug 23 13:09:55 CDT 2006

Hi All,

Just wanted to make a note that CamFrog appears to be quite close to
being operational.  I'm referring to the free client at www.camfrog.com
- 3.72.

After installation, I was able to start the application, create an ID,
and sign in with that ID.  Then I was able to browse chat rooms, and
even join those rooms.  Upon joining a room, another window opened up
with my webcam, looks good.


1. I can't see what I type.  I have not seen text from other users as
I think it's related to:
fixme:richedit:RichEditANSIWndProc EM_SETTEXTEX only supports unicode
right now!

2. CamFrom gets an internal application error - I'm not sure what causes
it.  It happens pretty quick in a large chat room, but not at all in a
small one.   

3. I can't seem to view a user's cam.  I don't know anyone on there, so
I'm not sure if they're just blocking me, or what (also see #1 ;)

I'm not sure about audio, I don't appear to have a functional audio
system, but on the bright side, before a crash I did 'see' people
talking without a crash.


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