[Wine] viruses for mswindows on a linux machine running wine

charles arnould fungi2 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 24 07:39:46 CDT 2006


I have a very complete installation of wine with a lot of dll's and 
executables in .wine/... /system and system32

I have tried many windows apps and found a lot   working perfectly - just to 
try as I dont need them: native Linux apps  do as well for me

I currently use Acroread.exe which seems to run better than the linux apps  to 
view the .pdf
I  also use IZArc.exe to unpack uncommon archives   - works fine
and Myco32.exe from Myco06 for mycological researches - works perfectly
That is all what I currently use with wine

My question is: can a windows virus - like Mytob.GH    for instance, or any 
other .bat or .exe virus install itself on such a system ?

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