[Wine] Running Folio Views under Wine

Philip Goodfellow lists at philipgoodfellow.net
Fri Aug 25 02:03:47 CDT 2006

Has anyone here had experience of running the Windows program Folio
Views under wine on Edubuntu 6.06?

I am trying to find out if I can run the software for the "Advancing
Physics" A -level  (UK pre-university physics) course using wine
(version 0.9.19 ~winehq0~ubuntu~6.02-2)

This uses Folio Views version 4.2 and Modellus version 2.01
Modellus is working without any apparent problems, but Folio Views is 
causing difficulty.

The apps db at winehq suggests that Folio Views should work without
problem (although this refers to version Folio version 4.3 and Ubuntu
Breezy: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=3919)

There are a couple of references on the Ubuntu forums but none that give
any real help.

Problem summary:
When Folio Views is started  ( wine Views.exe) instead of the the
database file being opened  (AdvPhy2S.nfo) directly as would happen when
running under windows I get a dialog.
I select "open existing infobase",  computer responds with Open File dialog
I navigate to Nfo/AdvPhys2S.nfo and select Open, computer responds
with:   Unable to open the infobase     (332,5)

The paths set to find the infobase files in the "registry" seem correct
to me:


;; All keys relative to \\Machine

[Software\\AdvPhy2S\\4\\Server\\ClientPlugs\\FolioServer] 1155840938

[Software\\AdvPhy2S\\4\\Server\\NfoPath\\AdvPhy2S] 1155839636
@="c:\\Program Files\\Advancing Physics 
A2\\Nfo;Z:\\Nfo;Z:\\home\\puck\\Advancing Physics A2 Student\\Folio\\Nfo"


This seems so close to working, but I am now out of my depth.  Any
advice or suggestions where to look next would be very welcome.


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