[Wine] Wine sources compilation questions

linuxbox at infinito.it linuxbox at infinito.it
Fri Aug 25 09:32:30 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I've two simple questions about compiling Wine from sources.

Usually I install the binary rpm packages made for Mandriva but I need to use 
Lotus Notes and so I must patch the wine 0.9.19 winex11drv dll source to get 
Notes icons to be correctly displayed.

Everything has gone ok and Notes works fine but I need a couple of answer 
about the compilation process.

1) Why compiling wine from sources I get the modules size to be very large in 
size? Each module  is more then 10 times the ones installed by the rpm    
Is there an option to reduce the modules size at compile time?

2) Compiling the whole source three takes a lot of time. Ther is a command to 
compile just some modules that I want to patch?


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