[Wine] Wine sources compilation questions

Randall Svancara rsvancara at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 10:22:13 CDT 2006

Maybe they run "strip" on the wine libraries.  I believe it removes
all the debugging information and what not.  Can someone else
corroborate this form me?

I am not sure about compiling individual files.

On 8/25/06, linuxbox at infinito.it <linuxbox at infinito.it> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've two simple questions about compiling Wine from sources.
> Usually I install the binary rpm packages made for Mandriva but I need to use
> Lotus Notes and so I must patch the wine 0.9.19 winex11drv dll source to get
> Notes icons to be correctly displayed.
> Everything has gone ok and Notes works fine but I need a couple of answer
> about the compilation process.
> 1) Why compiling wine from sources I get the modules size to be very large in
> size? Each module  is more then 10 times the ones installed by the rpm
> packages.
> Is there an option to reduce the modules size at compile time?
> 2) Compiling the whole source three takes a lot of time. Ther is a command to
> compile just some modules that I want to patch?
> Thanks
> Roberto
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