[Wine] Re: Double-clicking Windows .exe's (was "What apps work in Wine")

Fabien Meghazi agr at amigrave.com
Sun Aug 27 11:01:45 CDT 2006

> if security is of such concern (and you can't run the software on a test box
> that can get nuked without much ado) , i suppose you could always run the app
> (and wine + supporting libs) chrooted and export the display to your X session... Jails in
> FBsd could be used as well, or vserver under linux.

Well in my case, I'm concerned about the read/write availability of
the root filesystem to wine. I would like to make it available as read
only. In fact I don't care about my .wine/c_drive to get nuked but I
care about my home directory and my mounted remote shares. I need to
read them when using wine, but I don't want wine to be able writing on

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