[Wine] Compiling wine on AMD64

Patrick Leamon pat at pat.id.au
Sun Aug 27 04:35:02 CDT 2006

Pavel Troller wrote:
>> I've been trying various ways of getting wine running on my 64 bit
>> ubuntu machine.  So far I haven't been very successful.  I am trying
>> the source for 0.9.20 and I'm using the latest k8 kernel in ubuntu. 
>> I have  an nvidia card and am using the latest glx drivers available
>> in ubuntu (1.0.8762).
> Do you have also 32bit (i386) OpenGL libraries/headers installed ? Wine needs
> them because it always compiles in 32bit mode and cannot link 64bit libs.
>             With regards, Pavel Troller
I'm guessing I don't have everything, but I'm not sure exactly what 
libraries it requires.  There are some differences when I do a "ls *GL*" 
in my /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64, but I'm not really sure where to go 
from there.  The main difference is that my lib32 doesn't seem to have 
the libGLEW files present.  The other files are named the same but have 
different file sizes.  According to synaptic I have both libglew1 and 
libglew-dev packages installed.

Could this be the source of the problem?

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